Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Low Weights after the 7 Mile Run

Finished another good run tonight. Usually I should take a 30 minutes nap
in the afternoon, and had a small snack(half bowl of cereal) around 3pm.
I did not have time to do both because of the explanation of the closing
statement for a refinance and work on a hud1 for a purchase. But I am glad
that I still completed the running. Here are the splits:

Avg Pace


The best news is that my weight after the run is 174 lbs now.
This is a new new low.

I wish the interest rates can have new low low so that my clients
can have good refi/purchase rates. But it went up for the past
two weeks.

Also, I understand why we always quote or post the best
scenario rates to the clients since it make the rate look
more competitive, though only some clients can get it.

And samewise, I post my weights when I am 174lbs (or 175 to 185lbs),
But I did not post when I weighted 205 lbs.

It's very encouraging for the short term goal of 170lbs. And I talked to
a lot of runners, we all weighted after the run, it makes us feel better
and more accomplished.

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