Friday, June 21, 2013

Running of the Past Week.

I have a little bit internet service problem for the machine
with garmin software installed. So I could not upload the
pace splits.

Anyway, I started speed work out Tuesday with the group.
This time we ran 2 minutes fast with 5 minutes recovery.
I still could not run faster in the 7:xx pace. I think I need
more practice, that is the reason I can not run faster.

Wednesday, I ran 8 miles myself, with the pace of 10 minutes.
The only thing is that I tried to wear a different shoes. It did
not work. I think I will have to order my "special" shoes. Maybe
two pares(Jason, you suggested).

7.5 miles with the Group Thursday. There are not a lot of people.
But Chris seems lost some weights and run faster than me now.
And a few people finished their first Marathon. One is less than
4 hours; another around 4:15. We are about the same pace. Actually
I ran faster than them in 7 miles & 10 miles run. My problem is
that I do not dare to run fast during the long distance.
And I thought that my last year's injury was due to the 16 mile
run with pace around 8:20. And I was scared of the injury.

May need try to run a little bit faster during the long runs.

Anyway, there is no long runs this weekend because of the
activities. So hopefully I can run faster for 22 miles run the week

By the way, the interest rate went up too high too fast. And
I don't have much business now. The good news today is that
DOI(Department of Insurance) sent me email saying that
my insurance license was approved. And I will start the
insurance business after July 1st.

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