Sunday, March 9, 2014

another 11 miles -- Pace 8:02

Daylight savings time changes today. So we decided to postpone
the Sunday running to 8:30am. Still felt tired because it "was" 7:30am.
And I did not have enough sleep.

 Warm up slowly for the first two miles. Not sure why I still could not
crank up(not sure whether this was right or not, learnt today). The
rest of the gangs ran fast as usual, and the two girls decided to go
to different route for the Boston Marathon Training. So I struggled
a few miles for the pace a little bit over 8. And I thought I could run
slowly and reduced the speed to 8:30.

Starting mile 8, Bryan ran back and started running with me so that
I could catch up. And I ran a little bit faster for the last 4 miles.
Not bad.

For Sunday's running, the pace is 7 to 8. And I know I will be the slowest.
And It would be good if I can follow them. For most of the miles, I can
see their back. On the other hand, if some day, if I can run with similar
speed with them, I can definitely qualify Boston.

By the same, Stephen M ran a 7k with pace 6:25. He was overall 6th, and
1st in his age group. Christie S was overall 4th, and first in woman
with pace 6:07. I would never run those speed in my life. My fastest
one mile was 6:30.

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