Monday, October 6, 2014

Tuesday Workout -- 2X3M mile. Total 11 miles.


After talking to the coach and read a few books about the long runs,  I
decided to make a few changes.

Long runs should include speed workout or tempo runs unless tempo
runs were not finished during the week. So for my case, I should include
tempos since I do have tempos almost every week.

For the long runs, I would start slow, and then a little bit faster and faster.
Like 8:30 for the first mile, 8:15 2nd mile; 8 for 3rd mile to 5th mile;
7:55 for 6th to 8th miles; and 7:45 for the remaining miles. So it would
be progressive runs at the beginning, and with last half as MP runs till
the end. The MP miles varies depends on the weekend mileage.


I need to focus on the BQ this time. Not the fastest time. So I would
have a successful CIM. And if I can, I could PR next year.
So here are the speed requirement:

Goal Pace:                               07: 45 /MI  
Strength Workouts:                  07: 35 /MI  
Speed Workouts:                      06: 49 - 07: 06 /MI
Easy Days:                               08: 45 - 09: 45 /MI
Long Runs:                              08: 15 - 09: 45 /MI

So for Tuesday workout, the warm up and cool down pace will be 9:45. the workout pace will be 7:35.

Here is the detail of the workout:

·         2 x 3M [11mi] on Oct 7, 2014Warm up 2 miles - 2 x 3 mile @ goal MP-10 seconds with 1 mile jog recovery in between reps - Cool down 2 miles
Here are the splits(Not bad):

Avg Pace

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