Thursday, January 9, 2014

First "easy" run with the club runners -- pace around 8

Got up at 5:25am, and started running 5:55am. I never got
up that early after the CIM. Anyway, I felt very good after

I did not bring the watch because I got up late(and I forgot).
But I did check the pace with other runners.

Clariza and Tiffany ran 2 or 3 extra miles since they need tofollow the training plan for Boston. Steve ran with me this time.This is the easy run. I think the next one will be tempo for thepace around 7 to 7:30. There was one runner did go fasterthan rest of us.

And we did talk about Google Glass. This is indeed a very
interesting topic. Mark got the special invitation from google
to use the google glass with a lots of other professional(Eye
Doctors). According to him, the gadget is very cool and will 
sell well. 

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