Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Speed Workout 3X1 Mile with 5 minutes Recovery

I indeed completed another 4 miles run yesterday afternoon. But
it was very slow. I still felt the lower back pain in the afternoon(
yes, mostly in the afternoon, I am glad that almost all races
are in the morning).

Went to see Kris for the first personal training this year. I had
the training with other two coaches 3 years ago. And I did not
work with anyone after starting running. Now I need to have someone
help me with building up the upper body, I did two TRX, one lifting,
one dumb bell(for only 10lbs), and lateral training, etc. Started slow
since I did not do it for a long time. Started at 3pm finished at 4pm.

Went to the speed workout with the club at 6 pm. Warm up for
about 2 miles, then stopped at the meeting place. There are about
30 runners, except those other went to Boston。

Started a little bit slow, with actual pace around 7:36. 2nd miles a little
bit faster; 3rd mile fastest. Did not feel much pain during the run,
still need to use the massage ball to fix it. 1.5 miles cool down.

Here are the splits:

Avg Pace

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