Friday, April 4, 2014

Tempo for 4 miles Thursday

I did not bring watch. The other 6 runners in the group
finished 6.83 miles, and I was slower, so I still finished
about 6 miles.

We started a warm up for 1.5 miles, then do a temp for
15 minutes. Then cool down. Since they started too fast
(around pace 7), so I ran by myself after following them
for sometime. But I met them on the way back.

Bad thing is that one Boston runner hurted her hamstring.
It will affect her performance. I think she ran too fast
for the last half marathon race. Anyway, wish her good luck.

Boston runners are tapering now. They will compete as
a club, I counted that there are about 20 runners in Boston.
I hope I can be one f them at year 50.

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